Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are free to all members. If you are a member and want to join one or more of the groups, please go to the password protected area of the website and you will find the signup forms for each group under the heading "Affinity Groups".

If you are not a member and wish to join one or more of the groups, the price is $27.00 per group for six (6) months. The monthly are fixed terms and are as follows:

September through February
March through August

You will receive a reminder in February and August to renew your subscription to the group for the next term. There is no obligation to renew. If you do not renew, you will be removed from the subscription list. You are welcome to join these groups at any time, but please take note that the above 6 month terms are fixed terms. For example, if you join in January you will only be subscribed for two months before being required to renew again.

The current term for all groups is March 2017 - August 2017. If you are interested in joining our next session, September 2017 through February 2018, please come back and sign up in August 2017 so you get the full six (6) months.

March 2017 - August 2017

Counselor's Affinity Group

The Counselor's Affinity group meets first (1st) Tuesday of every month for one hour at 9 PM ET/8 PM CT/7 PM MT/6 PM PT

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Administrator's Affinity Group

This call is currently on hold as we are considering other ways to create an Administrator affinity group that will be able to accomodate more people. We are considering a list serve. If you have any other ideas, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Educator's Affinity Group

The Educator's group meets the third (3rd) Monday of every month for one hour at 9 PM ET/8 PM CT/7 PM MT/6 PM PT

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