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Educator's Affinity Group Description:

Welcome All Educators!

Dr. Glasser passionately believed that if he could help teachers and administrators develop Choice Theory practices, it would be the key to a happier planet. At Murray High School we have found Dr. Glasser's belief to be true and we are grateful for the almost idyllic environment which has resulted from years of working to incorporate Choice Theory into all we do. We are continually working to improve our practices.

Every third Monday of the month, from 9pm -- 10pm EST, educators from Glasser Quality Schools around the world, meet to discuss how to improve our capacity as teachers to introduce Choice Theory to our students and their families. We would like to invite you to join us and to add your wisdom to the conversation. The more we teach one another, the closer we will get to realizing Dr. Glasser's goal of teaching Choice Theory to the world.

Charlotte Wellen

Facilitator: Charlotte Wellen is a graduate of The College of William and Mary and has an MEd from the University of Virginia. She is also a National Board Certified Teacher, a Basic Intensive Instructor for the Glasser Institute, and the Choices Teacher at Murray, the first Glasser Quality Public High School. Charlotte has been a teacher for thirty-six years, in Colombia, Turkey, Sri Lanka, China, and here in the United States. She is a founding teacher for Murray High School and the creator of the Breaking Traditions Online Conference highlighting the innovative educational methodologies used in Glasser Quality Schools.

$27.00 for Six (6) Months